Edward Snook Investigative Reporter Targeted by Renegade Cops

John Taft Investigative Reporter

GRANTS PASS, Oregon (11-9-02) Ė A reliable source told Investigative Reporter Edward Snook of the US Oregon Observer, "You know youíre going to get pulled over some time."

Snook asked, "Why is that?"

The source told Snook a couple of Grants Pass City Police Officers said; "We are going to be teaching Snook a lesson, because heís butting into our affairs."

It appears their intent is to use illegal traffic stops as a form of harassment. Apparently the two cops are angry because the US Oregon Observer was extremely successful in helping to defeat a Josephine County Park Taxing District. The measure and its supporters were both soundly spanked by 69% of the voters and sent to bed without dinner. The vote against the park tax was so heavy that the bleedover knocked out three other property measures. This includes the property tax to fund public safety in the City of Grants Pass. Itís the first time since 1983 that the voters turned down the department for more money. The Observer has been heavily involved in exposing corruption wherever it can be found, and Josephine County is no exception.

Snook gave the source a message to take back to the renegade cops. "Tell these cops I consider this a threat to my family, the Oregon Observer, its staff and supporters, and I will act accordingly." Snook added, "I drive a 3/4 ton red Dodge Ram 2500."

There apparently are at least two city cops wanting revenge against Snook and the Observer. It seems they are willing to violate their oaths to uphold the law and illegally use policing power to harass Snook because they donít respect his right to free speech detailed in the first amendment of the Constitution. Once any cop does this, he is worthless to himself and the community. He has violated the code of ethics of what a good police officer should be. The US Oregon Observer commends the good officers on the city police force and strongly encourages Police Chief Ron Schwartz. to weed out these renegade cops to avoid the appearance of tolerating this type of corruption.

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