32nd Day Hunger Strike, Judge Coon Shuffles Court Dates

John Taft Investigative Reporter Ed/Op

Grants Pass, OREGON (10-14-02) – The realization that time is of the essence has finally seized Josephine County Circuit Court Judge Allan H. Coon’s attention. Judge Coon appears now to realize the situation he has placed his judicial position in, as Anita Karczewski’s press conferences have been highly successful in obtaining media coverage for her husband. The Grants Pass Daily Courier, and Channel 12 KDRV both had stories on Raymond Karczewski’s (65) jail hunger strike this past Saturday.

Judge Coon appears to be desperately searching for any loophole that will get him away from the blinding glare of unwanted publicity. In attempting to be rid of the Karczewski nightmare, and still save face, he has tried several avenues and may yet have more tricks up his judicial black sleeve. First, he’s attempted to get the mental health department’s personnel to check Karczewski’s sanity. Next, he appointed Peter Smith, as Karczewski’s court appointed attorney. Then it’s reported he asked Smith if he thought Karczewski was mentally competent. Smith will have to determine this through the mental health department or other agency. Karczewski objected to Smith as this legal counsel in court. The judge ignored his wishes. The publicity regarding the hunger strike has no doubt been a motivating factor in Judge Coon’s order to move the trial date to Tuesday morning at 9:30 A.M. As long as Raymond Karczewski continues his hunger strike it seems Judge Coon is facing a case of indigestion. Therefore the judge’s motivation to end the jail hunger strike.

Anita Karczewski wrote the following prediction.

"I feel that there most likely will be a "trial" this week at which Judge Coon will convict Ray and release him at once for "time served." 30-days-and-counting could be "justification" for such a decision. Ray will end up with a "record" as a convicted FELON AND COON WILL NEVER HAVE HAD TO PROVE JURISDICTION! More likely Coon will be seen as lenient and compassionate and caring! He will never be held accountable for the damage he's done."

It won’t be easy for Judge Coon in the morning, as it is reported that Karczewski will ask for a grand jury hearing and trial by a jury. This all takes time and time is running out.


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